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ul.unstyled.minimized > li > a.list-item & ul (repeat)

Consider using

.icon.icon-{icon} &.waves-effect (on the a-tags, see example)

Side note(s)

Make sure to run activateLists() function in scripts.js for expand functionality
The javascript checks if href is set to # and expands if so, elsewise it triggers a normal click
For the expands to work, make sure the nested UL's are inside the LI's and not the a-tags

&.waves-effect only works if function initWaves() was called, see scripts.js

Notice! Waves is still under development. I won't do a fully functional implementation before the final release.

Limitations right now:
the effect doesn't trigger on mobiles and tablets

Credits to fians@github for Waves.

Raw output, various sizes

Leaf CSS Framework by @kortekim inspired by Google's Material Design