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Getting started

Current version: Beta 1.0

~ Under construction (as of 17th of July 2014) ~

Download (CSS/JS)


If you want to try out Leaf without setting up a whole new project you can simply download this web and play around with it (including php-files and project specific css).

Also! Feel free to contribute. I appreciate all the help that I can get. Feedback is also very helpful.

You can reach me at @kortekim or

Respect Google and their work

Listen up. I love what google does and am myself a huge fan of their work. Please notice this is just the start of Leaf CSS Framework and much will change until the final release.

You may ask, why did you reveal it when it is far from done?

First of, my intention wasn't to get the attraction that Leaf got (over one day). I just posted a link to get some feedback and BANG, all over the internet.
Secondly, people already blaming Leaf for being a "poor implementation". It's in its beta and if you got good ideas and inputs, why not contribute? A project gotta start somewhere. Also, I think it's appropriate to share Leaf this early in the progression. I'm no designer, though I love beautiful designs and interfaces, and therefore I find it important to get others inputs before setting standards.

Read this if you are thinking about contributing

The idea is pretty simple. Just copy everything as good as possible from Google's material design and make CSS/JS out of it. The goal is to move everything from there to the web, easy to use and maintain.

~ I've chosen to go with Stylus as the projects pre-processor. So a good start is to accept that faith :)
~ I'm running Codekit to compile all of the .styl's and .coffee's, but you can set up a grunt if you feel like.
~ For retina ready icons I've chosen to go with Icomoon. Icomoon is free and awesome and if you don't know it yet, get to know it! No regrets.

Most importantly

Nothing is set. The idea is clear, but the final product is not decided. If you contribute to this project you'll have your name on it upon release and beyond.

will always be free to use and hopefully it will be seen as the new Twitter bootstrap for smartphones and tablets one day.

Cheers to Google for setting beautiful standards to interfaces! Amen.

Leaf CSS Framework by @kortekim inspired by Google's Material Design