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Major clean-up.
15 January 2015

I've been cleaning up Leaf's code today. A major sweep through almost all files have been made. Also made notice of that some of you wants a theme based on Leaf, not just the framework itself. This is something I will be concidering doing. More components will be made if that will be the case, stay tuned!

Great feedback.
23 December 2014

Email and password input fields are now added to the styled input fields. Keep the feedback coming, I'm not updating Leaf every day, but I do check all the feedback I get.

Background color usage change. Read me.
01 October 2014

A suggestion sent to me was changing the standard ".fill-{color}" for background colors to ".bg-{color}" which makes sense since the word fill is used for .svg's and bg for html elements. So I swapped it out.
From now on use .bg-{color} instead (documentation updated aswell).

New version of waves.
18 August 2014

A new, better, version of waves is now added. Enjoy.

Bower power!
17 July 2014

Leaf is now added to Bower's package list, for those who want to download it at instant speed.
You can find it by searching for leaf-css-framework.

Leaf CSS Framework has now entered beta!
17 July 2014

The development of Leaf has been rapid during the few passed days. More additions are coming up every day and I feel like the framework now usable.

Some functionality may not be 100% accurate, so please be aware. If you notice something weird please report it here.

New domain and Leaf is now standalone
16 July 2014

I'm happy to announce that Leaf is now downloadable here. You can also check out my repo on github.

You probably also noticed the new url to this web is (previously Sadly the likes and tweet-counts wore away.

Great feedback!
15 July 2014

I've recieved some great feedback on mail, twitter and github. I love to hear your thoughts about the project and it keeps me going.

I have a certain idea of what will turn out to be, but I can't decide everything by myself, afterall I'm not the only one that's gonna use the framework.

Keep up the feedback. Click effect event is being added as I'm typing thanks to @crystrk.

Leaf CSS Framework by @kortekim inspired by Google's Material Design